Words: Sarah Stone, Director and Founder of Stone Barrell

Because sometimes what you need in life is a bright pink van, complete with disco ball.

When The Zena Brand pitched the idea of a launch video for their new venture, the Zena van, Stone Barrell was so in. A little different to our normal projects, creating this video for Zena involved a smoke machine, an inflatable pineapple... and at one point me donning a sparkly top and driving the pink Zena van (because Stone Barrell will do whatever it takes to get the job done).

The Zena Brand is all about fun accessories that have serious impact. Sales of their jewellery go to support the female entrepreneurs who make it in Uganda, through the Zena Launch Pad. 

As part of their summer of fun, Zena purchased a van that they planned to drive around the UK raising awareness of their brand and their impact, selling their jewellery and, of course, bringing fun to the nation. But first, they needed to build the hype around their UK tour – and that’s where Stone Barrell came in. 

The Zena brand with their new van, Gif

We worked up a concept for the Zena van launch video, drawing inspiration from the likes of Hot Fuzz, every slow motion walking scene in movies ever and dramatic car reveal adverts. We wanted the Zena van launch video to reflect The Zena Brand – fun, young, pink, and ready to party. Zena’s audience is mostly Gen Z women who follow the brand on Instagram, so we kept the video to 60 seconds to make it perfect for sharing on that platform.

It was seriously fun working with the Zena ladies, and they were thrilled with the final product, which got a lot of love on Instagram and helped to build the hype they were hoping for ahead of their UK tour. 

This message from Caragh Bennet, Co-Founder and CEO at Zena, sums up their response:

“It’s UNREAL. We were screaming when we saw it for the first time. We cannot thank you enough. All our dreams came true and more.”

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Find out more about The Zena Brand and their empowering business model at thezenabrand.co.uk.