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If you’re looking for creative, strategic communications support, we’d love to help. We specialise in bespoke communications that fit the needs of your organisation, whether that’s a short documentary video, fundraising appeal, updated photo library, magazine feature or something else entirely. Every project we work on is unique – because every person and organisation we work with is different – so we can’t give you a price list. Instead, drop us a message and let's chat about how we can work together!

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Media Production

From conceptualising, storyboarding and scripting, to filming, animation, editing and promotion, Stone Barrell can help you on every step of the journey to bringing your story to life. If you’re looking to create a video to introduce your organisation, need to produce a fundraising film to support an exciting new project, or are searching for the perfect story to share the impact of your work with your supporters – Stone Barrell has the skills to help you. Drop us a message to see how we can make your story sparkle.


Video scripts, direct mail appeals, magazine features, campaign messaging, press releases, blogs, social media messaging, and copy for your website – whatever you need, Stone Barrell has got you covered. We take the time to get to know your organisation and those you work with, capturing your voice and writing bespoke content that inspires your audience and compels them to act. Experienced in interviewing people from different contexts across the globe, we love unearthing new stories and telling them in unexpected ways. We can also help you refine your voice and find your story.

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Photography and Design

Great design and arresting photography are essential to any growing brand – and we have a proven track record of producing powerful creative assets that will make your communications shine. Stone Barrell can help you refresh your branding, or create bespoke graphics for social media campaigns, web pages and printed content. We are also photographers who can capture beautiful stills to help tell your story – whether that's on a photo shoot or out on location, capturing your team and programme participants in action. If you need visuals to help elevate your digital or print content, Stone Barrell can take you to the next level.

Latest Projects

Good Food Oxfordshire: No shame in needing food support

A video project to help destigmatise accessing food support, that made it onto the BBC!

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Good Food Oxfordshire: No shame in needing food support

A video project to help destigmatise accessing food support, that made it onto the BBC!

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Viva: My Family Christmas appeal

Love changes lives. Helping children thrive in families through a multi-faceted Christmas appeal.

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BMS World Mission: Good Land

A UK-Nepal communications collaboration for charity fundraising appeal.

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Guatemala: one trip, three nonprofits, so many stories

An epic content-gathering adventure - Stone Barrell's first overseas pooling trip.

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Sanctuary Mental Health Ministries: Reducing stigma and supporting mental health

It’s UK Mental Health Awareness Week, and we're proud to help Sanctuary Mental Health Ministries UK launch their revised mental health course.

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Viva: A Christmas gift of hope

We love to hear that our work is helping our amazing nonprofit clients do more good.

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